Livestream event

Professional technology is the way to success

Today, livestreaming is an increasingly common solution for meetings and events, which are either completely digital or in the form of hybrid events. Centas has the technology and experience to make your livestreamed event a success and achieve the goals you desire.

By filming and livestreaming your event in a professional manner, you strengthen the company brand. A good production is important regardless of whether it is about panel discussions, product launches, marketing events, internal company events, trainings, annual general meetings or conferences.

Invite more people with livestreaming

There is no limit to how many people can participate during a livestreamed event or hybrid event. You can welcome participants from all over Sweden or all over the world via one of the digital meeting tools available today. We can broadcast the live streaming itself over your own platform, via Invite People, which Centas has a close collaboration with, or via Vimeo and our own page where we can build a landing page with your logo and your profile colors. You send out a link to the participants which they click on to participate in the event.

Complete solutions in the studio or on site

In order for you to find the easiest solution for you and your event, Centas offers studios that are ready to broadcast fully digital and livestreamed events, as well as packages for livestreaming from another location or the hybrid event that has participants both on-site and digitally. We guide you to the solution and package that best suits your conditions.

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Livestream from studio

Livestream from a studio

Our ready-to-broadcast studios create stylish, cost-effective and professional livestreamed events or webinars. When you rent a studio from us, you get access to our team of experienced technicians who take care of the technology, so you can focus on the content of your livestream.

Engage participants with your livestream

You also get to take part in our experience and expertise in arranging livestreamed events. Our project managers will be happy to provide advice on how you can increase engagement during a livestream or during a webinar. A basic tip is to let the audience participate and get involved. This can be by showing images, submitting questions, participating in polls, communicating via a live feed on social media or by calling in to the actual discussion through Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

Technology that works gives confidence

When you walk into one of our studios, the goal is for you to feel an authority and a confidence that will make you and your event rise. The crucial thing is to have technology that works as planned and that you feel confidence in. Technology that you simply don’t notice or need to think about, that just works.

Hybrid event and livestreaming

Livestream events on site

If you have an event that you want to livestream from a special location; the office, a conference facility or a stage, we have packages with complete solutions for it. The base is our streaming racks where a streaming computer, audio mixer, image mixer and light mixer are fully assembled. In addition to that, we add the number of cameras and lights or spotlights required.

Professional cameras and lighting

The cameras included have 4K resolution or at least HD resolution. There are two different types, one type is pan/tilt cameras which are robotic cameras that are controlled from a control panel. The other is a camera on a tripod that a cameraman films with.

We have lamps for a cozy background light and spotlights to illuminate the people leading the event. The background lights are so-called RGB lights that can change color and be adapted to, for example, your company’s profile colors.

Frame your event

Of course, we also have products to create a nice background. We can either hang fabric to hide an office landscape and create a nice setting for the event, alternatively put up LED screens or entire LED walls using the beMatrix frame system, to create a completely different environment for the event.

Events with Centas

Before a new assignment, we are happy to take a look at the venue from which the livestreaming will be broadcast. After getting to know your wishes and goals, we put together a quote that we go through together. When you become a customer with us, you will receive a project manager who, together with you, will create a detailed plan for the event, create a timetable and provide tips and advice on how the livestreaming can be carried out for the best result.

We rig and test

When it’s time for the event, we set up the equipment in advance, preferably the day before, and test that everything works as planned. It usually takes between two and three hours to get an empty room ready to be suitable for a livestream. A strong recommendation from us, is that the people who will presenting the livestreamed event rehearse the entire program before it is time for the actual broadcast. It makes a good foundation for a more professional presentation.

Small and large livestreamed events

No event is too big or too small for us to help you with the technology. Which technology is required depends entirely on how big the event is and what you want to get out of it. Large events obviously require more than the slightly smaller events.

Big events

The more advanced packages that Centas offer, contain from two cameras, which is adequate if there are two to three people who will be on stage and in focus. If there are more people who will be presenting the livestreamed event, we will include more cameras to the set up. These are attached to our streaming rack together with the lights you want.

In the advanced solution, at least three technicians from us will be on site. One who takes care of the sound, another who takes care of the stream and decides which image is to be broadcasted, and a third who is responsible for the cameras and has the role of producer.

Small and medium-sized events

For small, slightly simpler events where one to two people will be in focus, two cameras are usually enough. One technician from us will take care of all the technology and the broadcast.

For medium-sized broadcasts with one to two people who will be in focus, we recommend two to three cameras. Two technicians will help you during the day, one who takes care of the camera and sound, and another who takes care of the broadcast and livestream.

Frequently asked questions about live streaming

How do you livestream events?

The event is filmed by one or more cameras and the sound is captured by microphones. We then transmit images and sound through a video platform or a platform for digital meetings.

Can we live stream any event?

You can livestream any event, but it is often good to make sure to adapt the format to work digitally. Centas has extensive experience with this and is happy to help with advice.

What kind of technology do I need to be able to livestream an event?

To livestream events or hold hybrid events, you need a streaming computer, sound mixer, image mixer, light mixer, cameras and lights or spotlights. We have everything in premade packages that we adapt to the size of your event.