Digital meetings

Good digital meetings require good technology

Digital meetings are becoming more and more common, and sometimes being able to participate digitally in meetings, conferences and events is something people expects. For a good and professional experience – high-quality technology is required.

At Centas we rent everything needed for digital meetings. If you rent technology from us, the company avoids expensive purchases of equipment that is only used on a few occasions. We have the latest technology and can adapt it to each unique occasion. We also offer the option of having a technician on site when you rent equipment for digital meetings from us.

Almost all types of meetings can be held in digital form, this can apply to meetings within a company, an association or in the form of an education.

Digital meetings welcomes more people

The big advantage of digital meetings is that it gives the opportunity for more people to participate. For smaller meetings, the built-in technology in computers may be sufficient, and meetings can be held over platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet or Teams. But at larger meetings, where more people are to participate, presentations are to be given by people in different places and when it is important that information reaches out and arouses commitment, a different type of technology is usually needed.

Rent studio or package solution

Centas offers several ways to hold digital meetings, partly through our studios from which your company can live stream meetings and training, partly through our packages for live streaming or hybrid meetings from any location. If you invite people both to a location and digitally, our packages for hybrid meetings are relevant for you. If the meeting is only held digitally, the easiest and fastest solution is to come to our studio. You can read more about what is included when you hire us for live streaming or hybrid meetings.

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Difference in meetings and meetings

There is a difference between a meeting and a meeting. A well-prepared meeting with a clear structure, good sound and clear presentations is an investment, while a poorly prepared meeting is a waste of time and money. Digital meetings have many advantages, but there is also more that can go wrong when people are spread out in different places and depend on technology to share information and be an active participant during a meeting.

With Centas as a technology partner, you get a guarantee that all participants will hear and see what is shared during the meeting. We are also happy to share our best advice about what makes all the difference between a good and a not so good digital meeting. At this point, we have played the part as technical partner at a large number of events and meetings, and through those gathered a lot of knowledge and advice about digital meetings.

Technology for digital meetings

Regardless of whether you choose to use one of our studios or if you rent a technology package for a meeting at another location, technology is included in the form of sound mixers, light mixers, image mixers and a streaming computer as well as lights and cameras. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large digital meeting, Centas has technology that suits all meetings. We help you put together a package that fits the size of your meeting.