Annual general meeting online

Digital agm technique

From 1 January 2024, it is possible to hold a digital annual general meeting or association meeting, in Sweden. There are many advantages to the fact that it is now legal to hold an agm completely digital, and with the right technology and technology partner, the possibilities are endless. Centas are professionals in technology and offers a comprehensive solution for annual general meetings.

With Centas as a technology partner during a general meeting or association meeting, you know that you will get an overall solution that suits you. Together with you, we put together a customised product package that we install and configure before the meeting itself. And of course we also have technicians on site during the entire agm to ensure that you get what you want out of the technology, so that you can relax and focus on the content.

Advantages of an agm online

As mentioned, there are many advantages to the fact that it is now possible and legal to hold fully digital agms, including:

  • Increases accessibility – more shareholders can participate, without having to travel far and take time off from work.
  • Cost-effective – digital general meetings reduce costs for both the company and the participants. The company can save on local costs and the participants avoid travel costs.
  • Security and privacy – the right digital platforms offer high security and guarantee that personal data is protected according to GDPR.
  • Increased efficiency – voting and document management can be facilitated and made more efficient with digital tools.
  • Environmentally friendly – ​​by offering digital options for participants, the number of trips is reduced and the agm can be conducted in a more environmental friendly way.
  • Flexible – it makes it possible to hold hybrid meetings, allowing participants in the general meeting or association meeting to choose the type of participation that suits them best.
  • Higher number of participants – if participants can participate in the way that suits them the best, the chances of more shareholders or association members participating increases.
  • Better preparation – materials and information can easily be distributed in advance and participants can be better prepared, with the digital platforms.
  • Improve documentation – digital annual general meetings provide a completely different opportunity for documenting the meeting. Discussions can be recorded and protocols can easily be sent out and archived.

Centas has sound, light and image for agm

Centas has everything needed when it comes to sound, light and image during an annual general meeting, digital or at a physical location. The technology we use during an agm guarantees that the participants clearly hear and can take part in what is presented and said during the agm.

In a room, we adapt speakers and microphones so that the sound reaches all participants in the room. At hybrid or digital annual general meetings, our technicians ensure that the sound is heard clearly and clearly and that it is synchronised with presentations for those participating online.

Our high-quality monitors and LED walls ensure that presentations and materials displayed during the general meeting are sharp and easy to absorb for participants, whether they are on-site or participating digitally.

Legimeet has registration, voting and results

Centas collaborates with Legimeet to deliver a comprehensive solution for digital agms. Legimeest is a company that offers a secure and user-friendly solution for hybrid, digital and physical agms and other formal meetings. The company targets listed and unlisted companies as well as larger associations. In the platform, everyone can participate in discussions and polls quickly and easily, on equal terms, regardless of their location.

From planning to results

Legimeet’s services include the entire meeting process from planning and meeting administration to execution and compilation of results and voter register. The system supports different meeting formats – hybrid, digital and physical – and offers full interactivity for discussion and voting. The service requires no installation and works on all devices. They also offer tools for registration, digital postal voting and proxy management, as well as various security features such as Swedish BankID and two-factor authentication.

In other words, Legimeet helps you with the administrative process and you get full control over the meeting.

Secure and user-friendly platform

Legimeet guarantees that their system is compatible with EU regulations and Swedish legislation, including GDPR for the protection of personal data, which is stored in Sweden. The company has won the Financial Times Tech Champion 2021 award and has several partners, including Twebcast, NVR and BankID.

Customers who have used Legimeet have appreciated their ability to smoothly facilitate digital meetings, contributing to a secure, user-friendly and professional meeting experience where everyone can participate on equal terms.

Agm online

Centas + Legimeet = all you need

Together, we have a solution for your agm, that contains everything you need. You get the technology and security required for an agm, and experienced partners who have been planning annual general meetings for many years. Contact us and we will help you in the planning of the agm and in the selection of products to achieve a physical or digital agm that meets all requirements and wishes.