Hybrid meetings and hybrid events

Meeting physically and digitally

Hybrid meetings or hybrid events are happenings, conferences and meetings that have participants both on site and via a digital platform. It provides an opportunity to reach out to more people and strengthen the company brand in a wider area.

Hybrid meetings require high-quality technology to provide digital participants with a professional and value-creating experience. Good technology also makes it possible to record and save the event or meeting to use as marketing material or in the form of training in the future, depending on the content and focus of the event.

A conference, meeting or event at a specific location always has a limit on the number of participants. By arranging hybrid meetings and events, you get past that limitation and more people can participate, regardless of where in the world the person is.

Platform for hybrid meetings

Centas can build professional hybrid meetings in several different ways, depending on what suits you best. Regardless of which route you choose, you can be sure that the experience will offer clear and distinct sound, sharp picture display and a digital broadcast without interference. The company’s profile will be clear and everyone will recognize the sender, which is also important for trust in the meeting or event.

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Hybrid event from studio

Hybrid event that engage

With Centas as a technology partner at a hybrid event, you know you can trust the technology. In addition, you get access to the experience of our project managers regarding the structure and implementation of hybrid meetings and events. They have tips and advice on how you can get and maintain the engagement of the audience and listeners. When you have people participating digitally, it is extra important to engage, to make sure that the informationen and content is received and remembered.

One of the most common and most basic pieces of advice we give is to make sure to get the audience involved, give them the opportunity to be an active part of the hybrid event. To succeed in this, you can use polls, a live feed, conversations with some participants or question and answer sessions. Most can be solved on the platforms we work with.

Hybrid event

Technology for hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings require good technology and people who can handle the technology. Centas offer packages for hybrid meetings and events. The packages include one or more technicians to help you during the event. This means that you don’t just get a technology solution, you get a complete solution with technology and competence in one.

Technology equipment that we always included to create a good hybrid meeting is fully assembled on our so-called streaming racks. The base consists of a streaming computer, an audio mixer, an image mixer and a light mixer, to which we usually add cameras and lights or spotlights, where the number is adapted to the venue and the size of the meeting or event.

Camera for sharp video

Centas has two different types of cameras which we offer customers who want to set up a hybrid meeting. One type are the so-called pan/tilt cameras and the other variant are standard professional cameras on tripods. The difference is that pan/tilt is a robotic camera controlled by a technician through a control, while a camera on a tripod is handled by a cameraman. All the cameras we have in our range are professional cameras that have at least HD resolution, and some 4K resolution.

Lamps and spotlights

Well balanced lighting is an important part of the experience for participants who are on-site during hybrid events, but it is even more important for participants who participate digitally. A poorly lit scene filmed and shown to attendees will not make a good impression. Based on the design of the premises and the size of the room, we know what type of light is needed and how many armature you need.

  • Hybrid event with livestreaming

This is how Centas works with hybrid meetings

When we receive a new assignment, we like to take a look at the premises to be used. By knowing the location and getting to know your goals and wishes, we can put together a quote with everything we see you need. When we have an approved quote, a project manager is appointed to you. That person is your contact and your sounding board. Together you make a detailed plan for the meeting or event and you set up a schedule for the entire event, from start to finish. In the work, the project manager shares advice and shares previous experiences so that you can get the give the participants the best possible experience.

From empty space to professional implementation

Since a technician from us is included in the hybrid meeting package, you don’t have to worry about how to configure and set up the technology. We will set up all the equipment, preferably the day before the meeting or event. We also test all equipment so that we know that everything works as it should accordingly to your wishes. We also encourage speakers to rehearse the entire event to give a professional impression when the time comes.

From the time we start setting up the technology to the time it’s ready for recording, we usually need between two and three hours, depending on the size of the hybrid meeting and how much technology is involved.

Small and large hybrid meetings

We get requests for all kinds of hybrid meetings, small and large. Basically the same technology is required, the difference lies in how many cameras we include in the package and how many technicians will be present during the event.

For larger hybrid events, where two to three people will be on stage and in focus, we recommend at least two cameras. For the more advanced solutions, at least three technicians are present. One technician is in charge of the cameras, making sure that the right thing is filmed and that there are good angles. Technician number two manages the stream, which means he decides which of the cameras’ images will be shown. Technician number three is responsible for sound and sound recording.

Slightly smaller events where only one or two people are presenting, only two cameras and a technician are needed. The technician on site will then take care of all the technology on his own because there is no need for so much camera movement and switching between different speakers and people.

The background of the hybrid meeting

When planning a hybrid meeting, it is important to think about what participants will see in the background. A calm and pleasant background can be created by hanging fabric or setting up LED screens. Depending on the feeling you’re after and what kind of event it is, we’ll help you create a setting that fits.

Hybrid meetings to be proud of

Technology that does not live up to expectations creates an insecurity that is reflected in the final outcome and delivery of the hybrid meeting. With Centas, you don’t notice the technology, which is our goal. With that security to back you up, you can focus on the content and creating a memorable meeting or event.

Frequently asked questions about hybrid meetings

What is a hybrid meeting or hybrid event?

Hybrid variants of meetings and events are events that have participants on site and digitally. It is a way of being able to invite more people and reach out to participants over a larger area.

How do we create a hybrid meeting?

By filming and recording the sound. Moving image and sound are then broadcast over the platform you have chosen and participants receive a link with an invitation to the platform’s digital version of the meeting.

What technology is required to create a hybrid event or meeting?

You need a streaming computer, sound mixer, image mixer, light mixer, cameras and lights or spotlights. At Centas we have all that and more, as well as competent staff to help you with the technology.

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