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Meeting equipment

Create memorable meetings and conferences

A meeting or a conference is about creating memorable experiences for your customers and guests. Presenting your message in an effective and engaging way is crucial to making a strong impression. And the greater the experience, the greater the demands on the technology that presents it.

At Centas, we have specialized in creating memorable experiences for more than 40 years. This makes us one of Sweden’s most experienced companies within the audio and video rental industry.

Technology for all kinds of meetings between people

We work with everything from educations, conferences and events, to livestreams, mobile studio solutions and hybrid studios. Over the years, we have gained an unbeatable experience of how to best combine and use the technology to achieve the best presentation.

Whether it is a small product demonstration or a large international conference for several thousand participants, we have the technology and knowledge. No job is too small or too big for us. Our head office is located in Stockholm and our field of work covers the whole world.

We are where you need us to be.

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    Event with 18 meter LED wall

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    Scandic Hotel Anglais

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    Opening of the National Museum in Sweden

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– Centas –

  • The supplier exceeded our expectations. Pleasant, service- and solution-oriented staff and, above all, professional in the execution of the assignment. We are really pleased and have already recommended others to contact them if they need similar services.

    Rosario Ali, Unit manager HFA2.0, Nynäshamn municipality.

  • Whatever you are going to produce, Centas is not the only partner who takes care of your technology flawlessly so that you can focus on the task of creating good content. They are also a shoulder to cry on, talented creators and last but not least, the gang that can make your powerpoint presentation as exciting as an action movie at the cinema. We used Centas for an event with 10,000 participants and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

    Chris Pettersson, Lecturer and moderator for Myflow

  • We would like to send a big thank you to Centas for a professional, fast and carefully executed work in rigging Imagine Monet on Artipelag. It was an urgent job, but Centas impressed with its efficiency and quality. Their prompt feedback ensured a smooth and successful process. The collaboration with Centas has really exceeded our expectations!

    Magnus Danielsson, CEO – Artipelag

Conference equipment

A memorable conference today often contains a lot of technology. A presentation that should engage the participants, needs good speakers and a good monitor that is adapted to how many participants that are present. The larger the conference, the more technology is needed to reach out to and include all participants. It can be sound, light and equipment for a telephone conferences.

Conference technology

Presentations at small and large conferences

During a conference today it is almost a standard to either show images or moving material. Some kind of screen is therefore a included in the basics in our range of conference technology. Centas has monitors of all sizes, full LED walls and projectors with associated screens. The choice of screen depends on how many people participate and what is to be shown. Moving images, for example, require more than a standard PowerPoint presentation. In addition, it matters a lot how dark it is in the room, LED screens, for example, cope with brighter rooms better than a projector.

Conference sound equipment

Sound – an obvious part of conference technology

If a conference has many participants, the sound needs to reach further and then speakers, microphones and headmics (head-worn microphone) are an obvious part of the package for conference technology. Should a person be in focus for a longer period of time, it is convenient to have a head mic that the person can attach to themselves, so they do not have to hold a microphone for several hours. If there are many different people who are going to be in the presentation for a short time, microphones, on the other hand, are more flexible as they can be handed over from one person to the next.

Conference equipment with light

Light – more important than many people think

Sitting for several hours and not really seeing the people giving a presentation causes engagement to drop drastically. Event lighting is more important than many people think about during a conference. Even during smaller conferences, it is important to ensure that both sound and light have been adapted so that the participants have good conditions for understanding what is being said and absorbing the message.

Conference equipment

Conference technology for video and telephone

Many conferences have participants who attend from another location. Through our professional technology for video or telephone conferences, participants can both hear what is being said on site and make their voice heard to be an active party during the conference.

Smartboards for conferences

Smartboards – interactive conference technology

For a truly professional presentation, conference or meeting, we have smartboards that have all the technology built in and therefore do not need to be connected to a computer. It suits the interactive presentation that is adapted based on how the conference proceeds and where the participants’ commitment and participation shape the content.

Conference technology Stockholm

Centas is located in Stockholm but works all over Sweden. If you want to pick up the conference technology you rented yourself, it is of course easier for you to pick it up if the company or the conference is to be held in Stockholm. If you are further away from us and our warehouse, we will help you with the delivery of the conference technology. We have solved technology for conferences on the other side of the world, so we see no problem with shipping it somewhere in Sweden.

Meeting technology

Meeting technology has many similarities with conference technology, but on a smaller scale. A difference between meeting technology and conference technology can often be that in meetings sound is more important than image. The sound needs to be good in two directions during meetings, unlike conferences where it is usually more important that the sound be good from the person giving the presentation, but it is not as important that the participants can be heard well.

Sound is the basis of good meeting technology

For meetings or smaller conferences where the discussion is the focus, the most important thing can often be the sound. Both the sound in the form of what is picked up in the room and sent on to participants in other places, but also their sound to be heard in the meeting room. But there are more things that matter.

Simplicity in the meeting

Participants need to feel that joining the meeting is easy. The simplicity makes the first impression better and participants feel more welcome than if you have to start the meeting annoyed that the meeting technique is too complicated to get right.

A face to the voice

During a meeting, it is also important that the participants see who is speaking and get a face for the voice. This means that the tool used needs to keep up with the sound and show the person speaking.

Meeting techniques with presentation

Many times, presentations are also a big part of meetings. Then the person holding the presentation must ensure that everyone present can see what is being presented.