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Centas are specialists in sound, light and video. We offer all types of technology for events, meetings and conferences.

Below you can read more about our products and services, you can also learn how we have helped other customers over the years. Are you curious about how it all started over forty years ago, you can discover more in the About us tab. If you have questions or concerns you are always welcome to contact us.

About us

On June 19, 1976, we delivered our first televisions to the King and Queen’s wedding in Storkyrkan – Stockholm Cathedral. At the time, it was so sensational that it even became an article in the newspaper. Read more about our journey here.

About us

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Centas is a company that specializes in event tech for trade fairs, meetings and events. Our team of experienced technicians works with you from day one and with their expertise knows exactly how to create the right message.


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Our products in event tech


Sound for both large and small events. Headsets, microphones, sound systems, mixers, sound technicians.


Brilliant solutions. Lamps, studio lights, light tables and dimmers.


Video technology for your next event. LED TV, LED walls, projectors, cameras, video mixers, film screens and much more.


IT for fairs, conferences and events. Computers, networks, sound cards, printers and pads.


Other technology and proprietary software and hardware.


Do you have a project or installation you need help with? Talk to one of our experienced project managers who will help you with your particular project.


Event equipment – a necessity

It is basically impossible to organise an event without technology today, especially since most people have realised the value of recording events. And to have a really good event, you need really good event equipment. That’s when Centas come into the picture. What does the perfect event look like?

Let’s paint a picture. Your company is about to invite employees and customers to this year’s big conference, where you offer product launches, establish contacts with important customers or ensure that employees are inspired so that they stay on top.

What is required for the event to be considered a success?

Clear light

Imagine a perfectly balanced light that changes based on focus and mood. When the participants need to be focused, the light is clear and lively, without stinging anyone’s eyes. When it’s time for dinner, the lights are dimmed and there is a familiar and relaxed glow just in time for the aperitif. This is how event lighting should work.

Crisp sound

Imagine a sound that is so clear and crisp that not the most discerning participant has anything to complain about. Speakers’ voices are broadcast to all participants, regardless of whether they are in the room or participating online via a digital platform. Elements such as video or music have a well-balanced sound level and slide seamlessly into the presentations. Everyone hears and can take in the content and the message.

Also consider well-balanced background music when appropriate; during breaks, during mingling and just in time for dinner. It spreads a sense of pleasant buzz and a convivial feeling that can turn into a festive atmosphere when it suits.

For perfectly balanced sound, we use suitable microphones, professional speakers and advanced mixers.

Sharp images

Imagine presentations with sharp pictures and videos, whether the participants see them through a projector, on large monitors or LED screens in the room or if they see them on their own screen. Presentations that become visible at just the right time, that have sound that syncs and that changes the image when the speaker wishes. Presentations that offer clear texts, bright colours and sharp contrast.

Communicative camera angles

Imagine camera angles that focus on what is important on stage or in the presentation, that reinforce what is being said and that throughout the event follow what is happening. Centa’s cameras and cameramen closely follow everything that happens throughout the event.

Event technology according to Centas

Imagine an entire conference where you not once think about the technology – because it works as planned right through the event. An event where you can focus on the content and spend time on what the participants should get out of the day. This is how event equipment should work according to us.

How does Centas create really good event equipment?

A large part of our ability to deliver event equipment that works flawlessly, is our long experience and broad competence. We have been around for a long time and know what is demanded from the equipment, to deliver the desired result. It also means that we know that foresight and preparation are required.

Planning and preparation

When Centas delivers event equipment for a large event, we start preparing well in advance of the event itself. At our first contact, we want to know as much as possible about your event and your expectations. Based on that, we can put together an equipment package or a trade fair stand that serves as the basis for what will ultimately be in place.

Two to four weeks before the event, we agree on what the schedule looks like, names on the people being on stage, detailed wishes and any changes.

The day before the event, we rig the equipment and technology on site and test everything before you then have a rehearsal. We offer all roles for a successful event, some of them may be the following:

  • Project manager
  • Producer
  • Image technician
  • Image producer
  • Streaming technology
  • Camera Operator (Robot Cameras)
  • Cameraman
  • Recordist

Event eqipument that exceed expectations

After every event to which we have delivered equipment, we follow up and evaluate in order to constantly improve what we do. Today we exceed our customers’ expectations and we want to continue to do so, and then it means that we constantly stay on top of our game and make sure to improve even the smallest detail in our delivery.

Welcome to Centas!

FAQ – Common questions and answers

I am not sure what kind of event tech I need, can you guide me in the right direction?

Absolutely! Just describe what you want to do or let us come and meet you and we can go thrue your ideas together.

We have some existing equipment on our premises but would need additional provisions. Is it possible?

Many rooms have for example their own sound systems or projector. If you need to update or supplement your equipment, have a look at our product page or contact us and tell us what you need.

We would like to livestream our event. Can you help us with that?

Yes we can. If you have all the provisons for a live event but want to supplement with streaming equipment, we have a mobile studio kit that can be tailored to your needs. The studio kit comes with all the latest technology and can be supplemented with camera operators and image producers. We can also help you with technology for the physical audience.

We only need a small screen for a meeting, can you help us with that?

Yes we can. You can choose if you want to pick it up from our warehouse or if you want us to deliver and connect it for you.

We need help installing conference equipment in our office, is that something you can help us with?

Absolutely. We work with rental, consultation and installation. we have installed equipment for e.g. Stockholmsmässan and Radisson Hotels.

We know what we want, can we order directly?

Call us on 08-7240400 or fill in which products and add to the shopping cart. We will return with price within 24h.

About us