Vivid exhibition stand with Centas

The goal of spending time and energy at an exhibition, is not just to attend. The goal is to make a lasting impression on visitors and potential future customers. To achieve that you have to stand out and get your message across. Centas knows how you can accomplish that.

Exhibition equipment includes sound, light and image

Through the noise during a fair, it can be difficult to get your message across. You get the best conditions for breaking through by using sound, light and image in harmony with each other. This means that you are seen, heard and experienced in the best possible way. Centas’ long and broad experience in creating lasting trade exhibition experiences means you can feel confident that the company’s vision will come to life.

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Exhibition stand and technique

Sound in your exhibition stand

By using sound, you can create an immersive experience and a room within the room. Sound is often underestimated during events such as fairs and exhibitions, perhaps because many people think that it will not be heard in a loud exhibition hall. But by working with audio experts like Centas, you can use audio to enhance the experience.

It can be discreet background noise that is only heard in your exhibition stand or stronger presentation sounds through powerful sound systems. With Centas, you know you’ll always get high-quality sound that will engage your audience. We help you find the sound that fits the surrounding and that can be heard in a loud environment.

Light transforms the stand during the exhibition

The right light can transform something boring and ordinary into something fantastic and magical. No matter what industry you’re in or what message you’re working with, light will enhance the experience. Light can also be used to emphasise the most important messages. A spotlight in the right place can be decisive for exhibition visitors to turn their eyes in your direction.

Image conveys the best message

During an exhibition where many people are in constant motion, where visual impressions replace each other and where there is a constant noise and murmur, screens are a matter of course. Visualise the company’s message through screens, projections or LED screens. Based on the conditions, we help you choose the right technology to reach out in the best way.

Hybridevent och livestreaming

beMatrix builds the exhibition stand

Centas works with the innovative system beMatrix, which is a leading and pioneering brand for exhibition stands. The greatness of the system lies in the flexibility it offers. The exhibition stand is built up with aluminium frames which can then be reused and new forms and stands can be built with it.

The skeleton of a stand built with beMatrix’s aluminium frames can be dressed in whatever suits you best; LED skin, printed textile or forex discs. Of course, Centas has LED skin and partners who produce textiles and forex discs.

Why choose Centas as a stand builder?

With us you get all the parts for your stand!

  • We know the stand system and build the whole exhibition stand for you.
  • We know how sound, light and image should be configured and calibrated in the best way to create the whole experience that you are looking for.
  • We offer innovative solutions and flexible stand systems.

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