Conference equipment

Conference equipment that enhances

Conference equipment comes in many different forms, all depending on the type of conference you are organising. But regardless of what you are looking for and need, Centas can help you find the perfect combination for the equipment to enhance the experience of the conference.

Demand more from your conference equipment

The technical equipment during a conference is decisive for how the conference should be perceived and how the participants should remember it, it is therefore quite right to have high demands on your conference equipment.

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Rent conference equipment

Rent conference equipment from Centas

By renting conference equipment from us, you can count on the technology to work flawlessly. So far we have never disappointed a customer, thanks to our broad expertise we have the joy of exceeding our customers’ expectations time after time.

When you rent conference equipment from us at Centas, you always get at least one technician who is with you during the conference. If the conference is to be live streamed or recorded to be broadcast later, several technicians are on site, so that you don’t have to think about the technology.

Common technology in conference equipment

The most common packages for conference equipment include sound, light and video of some kind. Equipment that enables to have participants and speakers remotely, through live streaming of the conference, is also becoming increasingly common. The material is also often saved to be shown at a later time.

Sound in conference equipment

Clear sound technology means good microphones that enhance the selected sound and filter out the unwanted sound. The most common for conferences are head mics in combination with a few hand microphones. Head mics have many advantages, mainly that they sit so close to the speaker’s mouth that the person’s voice is heard clearly and distinctly. Head mics also provide freedom of movement as the person has both hands free.

However, handheld microphones are still unbeatable when it comes to quickly switching between different people and speakers.

Image display during conference

Image display is more a rule than an exception during conferences. When presenting images or videos it’s most important that screens that are to display the material are up to the task. Centas has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for displaying images, videos and presentations, which includes everything from LED screens in various sizes to projectors with associated projector screens, adapted for both small and large conferences.

Correct lighting

Lights that we include in packages for conference equipment are spotlights to focus on what is important during the conference, and background lights to set the mood during the event. Lighting can drastically change the atmosphere during a conference. Centas provides customized lighting that sets the right mood for every event. In addition, we have the competence and intuition to always find the right light for every situation.

We also rent out event lights that can create a dramatic atmosphere and illuminate large areas.

Conference equipment for hybrid meeting

Conference equipment for digital and hybrid conferences

Completely digital conferences and hybrid variants, where some participants are on-site and some participate digitally, have become an increasingly common option for companies. In order to give all participants a good experience, high-quality technology is required, and therefore you should set high standards for the technology.

Centas has modern technology for video and telephone conferences that provide all participants with crystal clear sound and sharp pictures. The technology makes it easy to participate remotely. We put together the technology solution based on how you have planned your conference. Centas offers both mobile studio solutions, which can be quickly and efficiently set up in different locations, and hybrid studios that combine the best of the physical and digital worlds.

Conference equipment sound recording

Cameras and recording equipment in the conference package

Equipment for the digital or hybrid conferences includes professional cameras and recording equipment. It ensures high quality of the digital experience. Centas competent technicians ensure that recording and broadcasting are experienced professionally and with clarity in sound and image.

Stands and screens

If it is a really big conference where you want to present different parts, stands can be a good way to divide up different products, services and offers. Centas offers a large selection of stand parts from the popular stand system beMatrix. It is a flexible system that makes it possible to set up customized displays, screens and LED walls.

Centas tailors your conference equipment

With our large rental range and our long experience with events and conferences, we help you get the perfect overall picture. Get in touch with us and let us guide you to an extraordinary conference experience.