Imagine Monet at Artipelag

“We would like to extend a big thank you to Centas for a professional, quick, and meticulous job in setting up Imagine Monet at Artipelag. It was an urgent task, but Centas impressed with their efficiency and quality. Their prompt feedback ensured a smooth and successful process. Working with Centas truly exceeded our expectations!”

Magnus Danielsson CEO – Artipelag

A Deep Dive into the World of Emotion and Technology

It’s not just an exhibition, nor just a vernissage. “Imagine Monet” at Artipelag is a love letter to art, technology, and human experience. It’s a place where all your senses are activated, where you become part of Monet’s masterpieces, and where technology makes the impossible possible.
The exhibition allows us to explore the extraordinary experience created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron in collaboration with art historian Androula Michael, who was also behind the success of Imagine Van Gogh and Imagine Picasso. The venue for the exhibition is the Artbox at Artipelag.
Behind the installation of the 50 projectors that together create this incredible experience, it’s the technological wizards at Centas who have made an unparalleled art experience possible.

A Step into Monet’s World

From the moment you step into the spectacular event hall Artbox, you are no longer an observer; you are a participant. Monet’s colors, lights, and lines envelop you, and you immediately feel an emotion unlike any other. It’s not just the eye that is attracted; it’s the heart, mind, and soul that are captivated by this experience. You are inside Monet’s paintings, walking along his brush strokes, and feeling the pulse of his vision.

Our Technical Magic

To create this realistic dream required something out of the ordinary. Getting 50 projectors to work together in harmony of image and light is a technological feat that exceeds all expectations. This is where our expertise comes in.
Getting these 50 projectors to work in perfect harmony required an immense level of precision. Each projector had to be calibrated precisely to match the colors, light intensity, and sharpness. A mistake in any of these parameters, and the illusion would be ruined.
Our work also extended beyond the purely technical aspect. There was an artistic sensitivity required, an understanding of Monet’s work, and how best to convey it through light and shadow. We needed not only to show technological expertise but also a deep respect and understanding of artistic expression.

An Immersive Experience

The result is an experience that transcends traditional art viewing. It’s a 60-minute journey, where you get to explore Monet’s universe, not just by seeing, but by feeling and experiencing. There is also an educational introduction that gives you insight into Monet’s world, his techniques, and his innovations.
“Imagine Monet” is not just a tribute to Monet but also a tribute to the technological innovation and the technological mastery that made it possible. Our mission was to transform a technological challenge into a masterpiece, and we believe we have succeeded in creating an exhibition that will be remembered as a milestone in how we experience and interact with art. It is an exploration, a celebration, an experience, and it awaits you at Artipelag.
This is the third project created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron in collaboration with art historian Androula Michael. After the successes of Imagine Van Gogh and Imagine Picasso, Imagine Monet is their latest production.

Art and Nature Intertwined

Beyond the art hall, Artipelag also offers the archipelago nature and water of Stockholm, art and sculpture, and gastronomic delights. All of this contributes to making this a place where art and nature meet in a way that is unparalleled elsewhere.